Introduction to Willflies


Jan 5, 2019

Hello, my friend. Welcome to Willflies – my personal blog about Travel and Aviation.

In this first short post, I would like to introduce you to this website and tell you what to expect. I started this blog back in January 2019 to share my experiences with you, to show beautiful places and encourage you to pack your bags and travelling.

Who am I?


My name is Vilém Nečesaný, I am 18 years old and live in the Czech Republic. I am an aviation enthusiast and a free-time traveller, currently studying at a secondary school. Having been interested in aviation since my childhood, my goal for the future is to become an international airline pilot : )

My other hobbies are playing tennis, computer games, cycling and building this website.

About Willflies


Concerning the active content, this website has two main pages – the Travel Blog and the Travel Gallery.

The Travel Blog is the place where I am going to write most of the new content. You will find mainly posts about places I have visited, then a few articles about aviation and some tips too. All the upcoming content is from personal experience and may have taken place some time ago.

The Travel Gallery is going to be used for uploading photos I am most satisfied with. All the photos you will find in either the Blog or the Gallery were taken by me on the trips and will be protected from downloading.

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Safe Travels

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